About Happy Wheels

Welcome to where we have a carefully chosen selection of bike / motorbike games for you to enjoy. Each game is of a different style and brings something a little brings something a little bit unique for your enjoyment. The games here include Devil’s Ride and Night Racer which make use of a silhouette graphic for the bike character in these stunt bike games.There are many types of online game out giving you a lot of choice when you’re bored. Some of these types of games iare shooing games such as Frantic, action platform games such as Commando, and puzzle games like Water werks. At happy wheels, bike games have been chosen for their pure excitement and we think they are the most fun of all online games.Some of the best games of the bunch include Bike Challenge, Bike Trial, and Terrible Motoracer.

In Skill Motorbike, you will need to make your way along the obstacle course without crashing. The nicely designed scenery behind you is of a city, while the course you must defeat is in a park nearby. Some of the obstacles you must jump over in this stunt bike game are tires, logs, benches and other thing youwould find in a park,

Another game which you should definitely give a go is Cyclomaniacs. This game will be coming to Happy Wheels soon, and is probably the most popular flash bike game of the past few year. The game is a time trial racing game, where you can see around 10 of the other competitors racing with you from a side view. It’s quite original and humourous game, since it includes characters like Mr T from the A-team, Dracula, and Elvis. There are also loads of tracks in various locations for you to try out, including the mountains, cold snow courses, and ones in the desert. Each character is different racing abilites, and new ones can be unlocked as you defeat the racing course.